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Comer S60

Soixante Racing recommend that the engines are run on shell M or R sport castor based oil. Never use a fully synthetic oil as this will cause excess wear in the units and lead to loss of power.

Here are a few tips on runing your Comer S60

Petrol Oil Mix

Cold weather 250cc oil to 5lts of Super Plus Unleaded. Hot weather 280cc of oil.

Carb Settings

Set jets by turning in until seated close, then turn out the low jet 360o and the high jet to 260o. This setting will give reliable performance, use of a washer soldered on the high jet (must not measure more than 12mm OD) is recommended to enable the driver to control the mixture to give optimum performance.

Full power is obtained from the Comer when the low jet is at 360o and the high jet is 220o to 230o.

Warning! Use of the washer on the high jet is recommended for experienced drivers only as adjusting the mixture incorrectly can cause seizure. Always pre filter fuel mix through a coffee or paint filter before filling up your tank.

Keeping a log

Always keep a log of running times for each of your engines as this is very important information not only for yourself but also for your engine builder. the head volume will decrease when carbon deposits build up, the legal requirement is 6cc min. You can check this yourself, alternatively get your engine checked by your engine builder prior to racing.


There is no hard fast set rule to this, consult your engine builder to advise on circuit sprocket to suit each particular engine and driver.

Spark Plug

Bosh WS5F may only be used.